Ever wondered how the universe works or how technology comes to life every year as innovations keep coming out? Science is used interchangeably both on everyday and professional, and it goes without saying, if you crave an understanding of things around you, you need to learn science. Chapter 1: Matter in our Surroundings Students will study in detail the different states of matter, the effect of temperature on the state of matter, can matter change its state, effect of change in pressure, evaporation, factors affecting evaporation, how evaporation causes cooling. Chapter 2: Is matter around us pure In this chapter, students will learn about the concept of mixture, and different types of mixture, the concept of a solution, properties of a solution, Colloidal Solution, the concept of suspension, properties of colloid, different methods of separating the components of a mixture, physical and chemical changes, different types of pure substance i. Chapter 3: Atoms and Molecules In this chapter, students will learn about the laws of chemical combination, laws of conservation of mass, the law of constant proportion, the concept of the atom, atomic mass, the concept of the molecule, ion, and the techniques of learning the chemical formula, the formula of simple compounds, molecular mass, and the mole concept. Chapter 4: Structure Of the Atom In this chapter, students will learn about charged particles in a matter, different theories and hypothesis postulated on the structure of an atom, constituent of atoms neutrons, protons, and electrons, the concept of valency, atomic number, mass number, isotopes, and isobars.

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English is a global language and is used in both day-to-day conversations and in academic contexts. This makes the linguistic concepts easy to understand and literary devices easier to grasp. There are a total of 21 chapters. The great thing is that these solutions are available in free PDF downloadable format.

They are organized in a chapter-wise and sequential manner and is laid out in terms of questions and answers, which makes studying a breeze and also helps for an engaging revision. The solutions are arranged in a proper sequential manner which makes it easier for one to refer to and learn. The solutions cover all the concepts and questions regarding prose as well as poetry. You can prepare accordingly and formulate effective plans for studying.

It is also helpful in solving Class 9 English Previous year question papers and sample papers. Yes, you heard it right! These solutions provide shortcut techniques and Step by step analysis of the entire syllabus keeping you well prepared for all types of tricky question that would be thrown at you in the exams.

It is a well-known fact that solving previous year papers for any subject can help you get an edge and NCERT solution is the most powerful tool to achieve that.

English is the only subject in which you can score good marks without having to memorize the answers. This is possible to achieve if you have the right set of Class 9 NCERT English solutions with you that will allow you to comprehend the topics easily.

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