He becomes endowed with the support. He becomes endowed with the support who knows this. He who knows the boat stably established in the waters becomes himself stabilized. Life lived within the boundary of a time-span undergoing the changes of birth etc.

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At the out set the virat purusa was extolled by Brahma. The person, having the knowledge of the Lord in his form assumes immortal from in this world. The one having thousands of heads, the paramatma, possessing the universe as his eyes, grants happiness to the world. Narayana is only the least tattva.

Narayana is living worshipped as the greatest duty. Narayana is the best meditator. This is always suspended with the strong veins resembling the inverted lotus bud. The fire spark exists in the middle directing on all sides as its faces.

This is known as Vysvaranagni or Jattharagni. There it spreads continuously horizontally, vertically, below lying inversely the fire sparks. By its body it transmit heat from the middle of the foot to the tip of the head.

In its midst the fire sparks are very minute like atoms having their heads above. It illumines like dazzling light in side of the blue clouds. It will shine like the pointed end of seed or of dried grass. That piercing edge is small possessing yellow colour. In the centre of the flames of the fire paramatma God is established. He pervades in all beings. Even he is present in the cave of hearts. He is present in the entire universe and the entire world is his form.

You are yajna. You keep everything under your control. You are water itself. You are the same light born from it. You are the very taste of the Divine Elixir. You are Brahma. You are Earth, Astral, heavenly the logos and cosmos form. The supreme of the kings, one who possess great patience endurance or his chariot. He is one of our desires and for possessing our desire.

The Lord of desire Kubera. To him we salute. Kuberaya Va sravanaya! Maharajaya Namah To such Kubera, the great emperor who fulfills our desire we salute. Let OM grant us auspiciousness Samrajyam bhojyam Let us enjoy big empires with subkingdoms and Sub rulers. Sva rajyam Vai rajyam Let my own empire flourish Parame styam rajyam Let my Empire continue as per my dictates.

Maharajya madhi patyamayam Let a glorious government enjoy full power. Samanta paryayai Syaih Sarva bhowma ssarvayusah Let the great Empire flourish till the end of oceans with full powers and complete longevity. OM dhata paratha, prudhivai Samudra paryanta ya Eka ra diti Let that parabrahma the omniscient effulgence continue as one kingdom with authority from the beginning of earth to the edge of ocean.

Tad pyesa sloka, bhageeto, marutah, parame styaro, marutta Syavasan gruhe That alone is the State fit for deriving bliss for prayer and extolling. In that house the five pranic airs, the parabrahmas and mareeci air which will sustain the life for ever. This will protect both Atma and paramatma. This is the minutest than Pranavayu oxygen If this air is not circulated the Atma and paramatma will leave the body.

All the devas are available in rows in their chambers in the universe. By Yajna only he is well established. These are given to Visnu only. The paramatma who pervades every where accepts the offerings in Yajna.


Mantra Pushpam



Mantra pushpam – మంత్రపుష్పం



Mantra pushpam


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