I was pleased to see some one has taken efforts to do such translation of Shri Sainath Stavan Manjari in tamil. Later i got a little book from the priest in Hanuman mandhir. I realized many sai devotees are looking for "Shri Sainath Stavan Manjari" , so this contributed poem in praise of sai is given below. Das Ganu Maharaj is the spark behind Sai movement in maharastra.

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You are the mistress of the realm of words; Because of your existence, All worldly transactions are carried on.

You are the deity revered by all authors; You are eternally the pride of this nation; Your infinite power prevails everywhere. You are the Supreme Spirit and beloved of the saints! You, who control the world like a puppeteer with his strings, You are omnipresent; All the sciences and sacred books are still delving To plumb the essence of your nature.

Only the saints understand you Others remain baffled. Respectful and with my whole body prostrate in veneration before you. Hail, Hail to you, Sainath, Redeemer of sinners and merciful one! I lay my head down at your feet; Now give me your protection. You are the whole world, the abode of bliss; You, yourself, are Vishnu, the paragaon among men; One whose wife is Uma! You are also that enemy of Cupid. You are God in human form! You are the sun in the sky of knowledge! You are the ocean of kindness!

You are the anti-dote for worldly maladies! You are the divine purifer Ganges river for your devotees! You are the raft for those drowning in worldliness!

You are the refuge of the timid. You are the very cause of this creation! You are not born! Death also does not affect you! This is the final conclusion Which one arrives at, after thoughtful search. Birth and death, These concepts are born of ignorance! From both you are free Oh, Lord, of course! If water appears as a spring, Does it imply that its source is there?

It existed already, full and flush, Merely sprang up from within the earth. Water that springs up in a hollow Is, therefore, so described or named; A "spring" becomes its proper name. Without the water, it is only a hollow. To spring up and to dry up and disappear, This is not the nature of water; Because the water of the spring Has no importance for the hollow it fills.

It is only the hollow that is mistakenly proud Of itself, rather than the water that filled it. Therefore, when the water dries up The hollow becomes impoverished.

The human body is really like the hollow water bed; The spirit pure energy is like the pure clean water of the spring; Although there are innumerable such hollows The essence is the same in everyone. Until now, who are without a beginning, I say to you, merciful one, To destroy the mountain of ignorance Please become the thunderbolt of Indra!

Until now, such hollow beings Have existed in large numbers, on this earth. Many more exist even now, And, in the future, as time goes by, many more will come. Each such hollow being Is given a separate and different name and appearnce; That is how, in this world, They are identified.

Water latent in the clouds Is all the same; But when it descends upon the earth, It assumes different forms. That which falls in the Godavari bed Is known as the sacred River Godavari; That which falls into a well Does not have the same worthiness or prestige.

Saints are the river Godavari, And, you are the water in it We are the puddles, wells and lakes; That is the difference between us.

For the fulfilments of our lives We must surrender to you, Always, with folded hands, Because you are the embodiment of piety. It is due to its water - bed That the waters of Godavari have become holy; Considered merely as water,.


Love all by keeping mind pure. All things will happen automatically......Sai Baba




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