A separate link provides an extensive information on Sapphire Princess staterooms cabins and suites , including photos, cabin plans and amenities by room type and category. Sapphire Princess built , last refurbished in , scheduled refurbishment is the fifth of the nine Grand-class Princess cruise ships - together with the Caribbean , Crown , Diamond sistership , Emerald , Golden Pacific Adventure since , Grand , Ruby and Star. The ship has 18 passenger accessible decks, 14 restaurants and bars, 6 lounges, 3 swimming pools, 8 jacuzzies, 14 elevators. Passenger-use launderettes laundromats are located on decks 5, 8, 9, 10, 11 and These are self-service laundry facilities with ironing boards and detergent being provided.

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The menu changed at every meal, every day. I was totally impressed by the huge variety of selections. I was getting so frustrated with dinners at the buffet on Carnival ships! Every night at dinner they would have some interesting entrees, but the only potato choice would be a baked potato.

It got so old having a baked potato with my meal night after night. Never any other potato option at dinner As much as I enjoyed lunch and dinner in the buffet, I have to say that breakfast was a disappointment.

On Carnival, I love to have a made-to-order omelet every morning The Sapphire Princess had a very odd setup for their made-to-order omelets. The way it works is that you place an order with the chef, and he hands you a little ticket. When you get to your table, you give that ticket to your server. Meanwhile, your breakfast partner is sitting at the table with you, trying to figure out whether to start eating her breakfast It works better on Carnival Then you go through the buffet line and get everything else you want to eat with it.

One thing you may have noticed about the list was a fair amount of Asian food. There was a much larger number of passengers of Asian heritage than I had ever seen on cruise ships before So, there was a lot of Asian food The most noticeable difference between the Sapphire Princess and the entire Carnival fleet is with the swimming pools.

Carnival ships generally have two swimming pools Two of the five pools are designated as being for "adults only" All the swimming pools on the Sapphire Princess were filled with heated fresh water. To be fair, though, I must admit that I would have preferred that the swimming pools on Sapphire Princess be heated even a little warmer than they were.

Located near the front of the ship There are two swimming pools aft You can also see one of the two Jacuzzis on deck Most of the Carnival ships have a Jacuzzi up at the bow, for crew only.

The Sapphire Princess had two Jacuzzis, and a swimming pool! I was impressed! The Neptune pool is the one with the big screen television that mostly shows musical concerts during the day and "movies under the stars" at night.

I really liked the decor and the soft colors of the interiors of the Sapphire Princess On all but the newest Carnival ships, the decor can be a bit loud, bordering on tacky Vegas-at-sea interior design of the atrium of the Carnival Splendor The interior design of the Sapphire Princess is much more elegant than all but the newest Carnival ships. If you like to sit out in the shade and gaze out at the ocean, this is the place for you! The wooden loungers have thick padded cushions that take what would have been a stiff, uncomfortable lounger and makes them very comfortable!

Thank you to Princess for going to the expense of putting those thick cushions on the loungers! It makes all the difference in the world. I was recently looking at the web site of a very expensive cruise line known for luxury cruises of the South Pacific. I laughed when I saw a photo of people lounging around the upper deck enjoying the warm South Pacific weather Back to that last photo You can walk all the way around the outside of the Promenade deck Then, another set of stairs down on the other side, to get back to Promenade deck.

Speaking of Promenade deck To get the joke, you have to understand that I work at a nuclear power plant in California. So, I had a chuckle when I saw this plaque, commemorating that the Sapphire Princess had been built by Mitsubishi Heavy I found it interesting that the Sapphire Princess only had a 3-story atrium.

On Carnival ships, the atrium soars way up to the top I read something interesting about the new Carnival Vista, currently under construction and scheduled to debut in I guess Carnival finally decided that a huge empty atrium was a waste of valuable space that could generate more money if it was utilized for extra cabins.

Something that really impressed me about Princess was their policy banning smoking on all cabin balconies. On Carnival ships, smoking is banned in the cabins, but allowed out on the balconies On one of our Carnival cruises, we had a cabin next door to someone who was a chain smoker He spent a LOT of time out on his balcony smoking, and it made our balcony totally unusable to us. No such problems on Princess, where smoking is simply banned on all balconies.

Speaking of balconies I found this to be a little odd. Sure, it ensures that every balcony will get sunlight, not shade. I get that. But think of all the extra space they could have given to those upper cabins and balconies if they had simply made all decks equally wide rather than doing the tiers. Most cruise ships have hand sanitizer dispensers located at the entrance to their buffet restaurant.

Princess must have figured this out. At the entrance to the Horizon Court buffet restaurant on Lido deck, they position an employee whose mission is to make sure everyone who enters uses the hand sanitizer first. Another thing I liked is that there were LOTS of places where you could go to hang out on a lounger with a thick, soft cushion. I mentioned earlier about the wooden loungers on Promenade deck and how great it was that Princess had gone to the expense of equipping them with soft cushions.

In several places throughout the ship, there were very comfortable loungers available. Here are some one level above the Calypso pool The sliding glass dome that covers the Calypso pool covers this area, too Hidden places on Sapphire Princess During our cruise, I found several places on the Sapphire Princess that were unusually empty.

It seemed that few people had discovered these out-of-the-way locations onboard. This pool and the two Jacuzzis are open to any adult passengers Every time I visited, there was at least one empty Jacuzzi and few or no people in the pool. You do not need to check in at the spa entrance or anything. It would be so convenient to just walk up one set of stairs to get to this hidden adults-only pool and Jacuzzi During the day, it is open to all passengers as an observation lounge You can access it via outdoor stairs at the aft end of the ship Something about doing that last floor up via the escalator I visited at PM and the place was empty except for the DJ and the bar staff.

They told me it was still a little early But if you bring a group of your friends, you can get the party started at any time! I want to introduce you to the 1 most unknown and least visited place on the ship: The Wake View Bar If you visit Club Fusion or as my wife likes to call it, Club Confusion back at the aft end of the Promenade deck, you may notice a spiral staircase leading down from the area near the dance floor.

I was curious what that spiral staircase would lead to This is a true hidden gem It would also be a great place if you had a group of people and you wanted a place to hang out, make some noise, and not have to worry about disturbing anyone else. Perhaps it was because the weather only heated up one day out of the four days of our cruise.

It was never crowded back here Margaritas, chips, quacamole, and salsa I do have to say, though, that one thing I miss from Carnival is being able to buy a pitcher of margaritas. You can get them on Carnival ships that have the Blue Iguana tequila bar Another suggestion regarding the Outrigger bar at the back of the ship is to visit between 4 and 5 PM An hour a day is perfect. Will they continue with the Mexican theme? Speaking of the Mariachi band I have to tell you about one of the most delightful moments of our cruise.

It was one of those un-planned magical moments that sometimes happen when you vacation on a cruise ship. My wife and I were hanging out at the Outrigger Bar, listening to the Mariachi band, and there was a group of young ladies who were totally in to it and having a great time.

In between songs, one of the girls spoke to the band and asked if she could sing a song with them. Someone suggested a traditional Mariachi song that both the singer and the band knew She was a passenger Luckily, I happened to have my Digital Rebel with me, and I caught it on video. Place the mouse curser over the picture below, and then click on the triangle to start the video playing


Sapphire Princess deck plans

The menu changed at every meal, every day. I was totally impressed by the huge variety of selections. I was getting so frustrated with dinners at the buffet on Carnival ships! Every night at dinner they would have some interesting entrees, but the only potato choice would be a baked potato. It got so old having a baked potato with my meal night after night. Never any other potato option at dinner


Sapphire Princess

Based on the Grand-class cruise ships, which were first introduced in and were at the time the largest and most expensive cruise ships ever built, Sapphire Princess occupies that sweet spot between large enough for a few bells and whistles, but small enough to be easily navigable. In fact, during a single afternoon aboard we were able to easily orientate ourselves and figure out where her primary public spaces are without the aid of a deck plan. She has one of the best kids clubs Camp Discovery at sea, as do most of the larger Princess cruise ships, and many design elements harken back to an older age of cruising — the deck doors to the promenade for example have the old-fashioned antechamber design, like an airlock, to prevent water getting into the ship in bad weather. The ship is easy to navigate because the refurbishment put the Piazza at the heart of all the entertainment aboard. The circular, three-deck space also doubles as an entertainment hub, with nightly music and occasional acrobats. Instead she has five dining venues that are assigned depending on your stateroom, with the combined total serving as the MDR hub.


Sapphire Princess



Sapphire Princess Cabins


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