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STM32F1 devices have great feature. Each device has bootloader inside, which supports UART programming. Install drivers if necessary, prepare it to work, and go to device manager and get COMx number.

Install loader. There is no specific settings to set. It should be understandable how to install. Open loader. You should get something like on image below. Before we can continue with loader program, we have to prepare hardware for UART bootloader.

My is COM3. If you are not lucky, then you will probably get an error like one below: If you get this, first make sure that you have correct pinout. Also, make sure that BOOT pins are set correct. It should work and you should go to the next step. When you are OK with detection, you will get window like one below. You will get a new window, where you have to select target. You have to take a value, for your device. There you have to select your. Leave other settings as they are.

That will execute the program immediately after the download finished. Correct written data will be shown with window like my below. Hit close. Program is written to device, but if you try to reset device, it will not work. You have to remove jumpers and reset, so that program will boot from flash and not waiting for UART.

Hope it helps for you.





STMicroelectronics STM8S103F2P6TR


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