Meaning it has two set of pins A0-A7 and B0-B7 , in which each set has 8 pins. Out of these two sets one set can be used as input and the other set can be used as output. Since the IC is a transceiver IC, Data can flow from input bus to output bus and also from output bus to input bus, by simply toggling the Direction pin DIR pin as required. It also has a decent output current of 35mA and hence can be used to drive nominal loads.

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I hope you all will be absolutely fine and having fun. It has three 3 output states. The external timing requirement can be reduced by the implementation of control function.

You should also have a look at Introduction to 74HC There are two internal amplifiers in 74HS Hence two way communication is done in 74HC This communication depends upon the logic level on the direction control input DIR.

Out enable pin OE is used to enable and disable the device depending upon the requirements of the task. A lot of real life applications are associated with 74HC, a few of which are servers, electronic points of sale, telecom infrastructures, network switches, personal computers, notebooks, wearable health devices etc.

The further detail about 74HC will be given later in this article. It has 3 output states. The data can be transferred in both directions depending upon the logic level at direction control DIR.

You can enable and disable the device from the output enable OE pin. All the 20 pins are given in the table shown below. The description of each function is given in the table shown below.

Functional diagram presents the internal functionality of a device. They may be good or bad, in terms of electronics features deal with the benefits of that device in real life. This information include pins info, pins description, pinout diagram, functional diagram, features, ratings etc. These all are very important to know before using this device for any of the purpose.

If you find that there is something missing in it. Please let me know about that. I will update this article correspondingly for the better understanding of the reader. And if you have any sort of problem you can freely ask us in comments anytime you want to.

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74HC245 5V CMOS Octal Transceiver



74HC245 Datasheet PDF - Fairchild Semiconductor


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