The 18X zoom and P resolution allow it to cover a large amount of space without needing to install multiple cameras. Installing the camera is simple using an optional wall, pole or eave mount, it attaches quickly. Remove the rear cap to attach the ethernet cable and optionally put an SD card in the slot and re-attach the cap and aim it. The image quality is very good day or night. Not that it mattered because it did very well in low light in day mode, in color without activating the IR LED lights.

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Insert the clamping nut through the flex conduit. Insert the sealing insert and attach it at the end of the flex conduit.

Page 11 5. Insert the Ethernet cable and other cables if any without terminal blocks through the conduit gland body of the back cover. Insert the sealing insert into the conduit gland body. Sample image below. Page 13 3. Connect the other end of the Ethernet cable to a network switch. NOTE: In case of using a non-PoE switch, you must use an external power adaptor not included to connect the camera to a power source.

See Connecting a Power Adaptor Optional on page Page Other Connections 1. Loosen the screws of the 12V and GND pins of the power terminal block. Page 16 4. Tighten the screws of the 12V pin and the GND pins to secure the wire connection.

Set the prepared power adaptor for connection later. Below is an example of a power adaptor with an attached terminal block. NOTE: The power adaptor is not bundled in the package. DO1 www. Page 18 In this case, wire connection to Pins 1 to 4. Page 19 The illustration below is a graphic example of connecting a relay to a high voltage DO device.

Page Connecting A Serial Device optional The pins of the PT Scanner may be labeled differently depending on the location or country where the scanner is purchased. Refer to the scanner www. Page Accessing The Camera When the left mouse is clicked on the camera model name, the default browser of the PC is automatically launched and the IP address of the target camera is already filled in the address bar of the browser.

See sample illustration below: You can quickly notice the camera model in the list. Page 24 PC has to be configured to match the network segment of the camera. Page 25 In such case, please plug in only one camera at a time, and change its IP address by using the Web browser before plugging in the next one.

This way, the Web browser will not be confused about two devices having the same IP address at the same time. Note: Only Microsoft Internet Explorer is supported by the camera at the time of writing this documentation. Please refer to our website www. Internet Explorer supports the following functionalities Page 27 HTTP port of the camera is 80, which can be omitted from the address for convenience.

Before logging in, you need to know the factory default Account and Password of the camera. This manual is also suitable for:.


ACTi ACM-5611 Hardware User Manual


2SB647 PDF

KCM-5611 2メガピクセル 18倍光学ズーム 防水暗視


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