Cobra kai’s new season four trailer shows a whole lot of terry silver

Johnny Lawrence

The sensei of Cobra Kai turned Eagle Fang Karate was of course destined to return. Still reeling from the mistakes of the past, his redemptive journey will continue in Cobra Kai season 4. As well as trying to officially end John Kreese’s tyranny, he’ll no doubt also try to reconcile with his wayward son, Robby (Tanner Buchanan). The new footage made sure to show that he’ll lose none of his badass, 80s-obsessed sensibilities, however. Dressed accordingly and sporting retro headphones, he smashed cinder blocks with his bare fists. Equally, for all the teething problems to be expected, the partnership between Johnny and Daniel will seemingly flourish — with the duo also sharing a jovial fist bump.


Set thirty-four years after the events of the 1984 All Valley Karate Tournament, when a down-and-out Johnny Lawrence seeks redemption by reopening the infamous Cobra Kai karate dojo. The move reignites his rivalry with a now successful Daniel LaRusso, who has been struggling to maintain balance in his life without the guidance of his now-deceased mentor Mr. Miyagi. The show is about two men addressing past demons and present frustrations the only way they know how: through karate.»

Running parallel to the conflict are the story arcs of Johnny and Daniel’s students. Johnny opens a new Cobra Kai dojo that attracts a group of bullied nerds and social outcasts who find a camaraderie and self-confidence under his tutelage, but there are some who take his too far, in particular his star pupil, Miguel Diaz. In contrast, Johnny’s estranged son, Robby Keene, comes under the wing of Daniel, who hires the boy at his car dealership, initially not knowing that Johnny is his father. Daniel eventually proves a positive influence to the boy, teaching him Mr. Miyagi’s . Meanwhile, Daniel’s daughter, Samantha, is caught in the middle of these conflicts as she learns who her true friends are and a better path to follow.

Is ‘Cobra Kai’ Season 4 The Final Season?

Before Cobra Kai season 3 even premiered, the show was renewed for season 4. The fourth season is not expected to be the final season of Cobra Kai, but Netflix has not made an official call yet. Filming took place in Atlanta and began in February 2021 and ended in April 2021.

Martin Kove as John Kreese. (Netflix)

Given that Cobra Kai season 4 has already been completed, the fourth season will premiere by the end of 2021. The streaming service has not announced the exact release date of Cobra Kai season 4 as of now, but Netflix’s co-CEO and Chief Content Officer Ted Sarandos revealed when fans will be able to watch season 4 while discussing the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic.

“What happened in the first part of this year was that a lot of the projects that we’d hoped to come out earlier did get pushed because of the post-production delays and COVID delays and we think we’ll get back to a much steadier state in the back half of the year, certainly in Q4 where we have the returning seasons of some of our most popular shows like The Witcher and You and Cobra Kai as well as some big tentpole movies that came to market a little slower than we’d hoped like Red Notice and Escape From Spiderhead,” Ted told Deadline.

The first teaser for season 4 (see above) was released on May 27, 2021. The teaser confirmed the return of Terry Silver, a fan-favorite villain played by Thomas Ian Griffith in The Karate Kid III. “Now the real pain begins,” the 22-second teaser’s tagline read. Johnny and Daniel are going to have their hands full with both Kreese and Silver.

When HollywoodLife spoke EXCLUSIVELY with the Cobra Kai EPs about whether or not they already have a set ending planned for Cobra Kai, Hayden Schlossberg said: “People ask us and we don’t have a six-season plan for the show. We just kind of started out knowing what our first season was going to be, setting up a second season, and then we had ideas in our head for where the show could go with different stories and where we would want our main characters to be at the end. In our minds, we are thinking about, as each season is finished, you have a greater focus of how you’re going to reach that goal… We’re very excited about season 4. We have the whole thing planned out and, and we know where season 5 would go. We have an idea of where it’s all heading, so our hope is we just get to play it out and have a lot of fun in this franchise until we get to that end.”

Cobra Kai season 4 story: what will happen in the new season?

(Image credit: Netflix)

More than any other season prior, Cobra Kai season 4 has the majority of its upcoming story mapped out well in advance. So we have a good idea of what to expect between the Eagle Fang, Miyagi-do, and Cobra Kai dojos respectively.

That’s because all the pieces on the board have moved into place for a grandstand finish; all eyes are on the U18 All Valley Karate Tournament.

The setup? On one side, Kreese. On the other, Johnny and Daniel in their newly-formed dojo combining Miyagi-do and Eagle Fang. Whichever dojo wins the tournament, the other must disband for good. We can expect it to be dramatic, as co-creator Hayden Schlossberg wrote on : «I’ve been watching and rewatching the All Valley tournament in Season 4. There are so many times when I get revved up and almost lose it. It’s like every Rocky fight rolled into one and built up with so much hype and anticipation, leading to an explosion of nonstop action.»

That showdown appears to be the general outline for the upcoming season, but it could get far more complicated than that. Hawk, it appears, is back on the side of the (karate) angels and fighting the good fight, while Robby is now by Kreese’s side – and could be one of the major villains of season 4 alongside Peyton List’s ruthless Tory.

Then, there’s the small matter of who Kreese is calling during the final moments of the third season. Terry Silver, the main villain from Karate Kid Part 3 and someone he served time with in Vietnam, is back. The moneybags returning to Reseda could spell trouble for Daniel and Johnny – and a vast expansion of Cobra Kai.

Of course, Daniel and Johnny teaming up is a big change for the series, which so far has seen them at odds with each other. «What I’m most looking forward to in the Daniel/Johnny team up is the challenge. Navigating their varied personalities and stubborn mindsets as they work toward the same endgame,» Daniel actor Ralph Macchio told . «Their history is nuanced and multi-layered. They are wired so differently even though their intentions are aligned. Billy and I love diving into the friendship as well as the rivalry. This is what Hayden Schlossberg has always called the Ross and Rachel element of our show. It makes for great comedy as well as heightened drama within Season 4.»

Added Johnny Lawrence actor Zabka: «I was thrilled Johnny and Daniel found common ground and aligned themselves at the end of Season 3. «The enemy of my enemy is my friend.» It’s a great note and launching point for all that’s ahead in the story.»

Co-creator Josh Heald told a bit more about how the new dynamic will play out in the next installment. «Season 4 delivers on the premise of the series, which is what happens when these guys get into each other’s lives and get under each other’s skin. We’ve watched arguments, we’ve watched consequences and reactions, and overreactions, and now we’re entering a phase in which they are putting down their weapons and looking at each other and accepting the challenge in front of them with Kreese and kind of taking that next step and trying to grow as adults and leaders. And it’s a great tipping point for them as performers and for their characters because it starts to provide new colors to their arrangement that are not just «I hate you, I hate you.» We’re finally entering into a second phase of their relationship.»

It seems the new season will be an interesting one for two characters in particular. «Sam and Tory are two of our favorite characters in the series and their rivalry is a fresh one that certainly cuts to the core for both of them,» co-creator Jon Hurwitz commented. «We’re eager for people to see how it plays out in Season 4 because there’s certainly no love lost between those two at the end of Season 3 and there’s a lot more between them going forward. We think it’s a very special season for both those characters.»


Cobra Kai Season 3 saw Eli Moskowitz a.k.a. Hawk (Jacob Bertrand) become the latest character to find redemption. Initially a soft-spoken victim of bullying, he ultimately became one himself upon acquiring his karate skills. Eager to destroy all traces of his geeky, Doctor Who-loving side, he primarily targeted Demetri and was even the one to viciously break his arm. In the wake of the event, however, Hawk increasingly saw the error of his ways and ultimately saved Demetri from further attack in the Cobra Kai season 3 finale. Though he since joined the combined dojo and reembraced his geekier side, the Cobra Kai season 4 trailer emphasized that he’ll retain his frenzied edge.

Что известно о дате выхода 4 сезона «Кобра Кай»

Октябрь 2020. Будучи уверенным в качестве материала, Netflix ещё до премьеры 3 части продлил свою боевую драму.

23 октября в своём твиттере исполнительный продюсер серии Джон Харвитц сообщил, что сценарии всех новых эпизодов уже написаны.

Ноябрь 2020. Харвитц заявил, что студия готовится начать съёмки продолжения уже в самом начале 2021 года.

Из интервью игровому сайту «Gamesradar»:

Март 2021. В Атланте начались съёмки 4 сезона «Кобра Кай».

Единственное, что может их притормозить — ограничения, введённые в связи с коронавирусом. Лишь со временём можно будет судить об их влиянии на финальные сроки.

Предварительная дата выхода 4 сезона «Кобра Кай»

Обычно на премьеру очередной главы любой серии сильно влияет производственные процессы, связанные с предыдущей частью. Но только не в этот раз: работы над 3 частью сериала никак не повлияют на дату выхода 4 сезона «Кобра Кай», поскольку третий был полностью готов ещё в 2019 году.

В ноябре 2020 продюсер серии Джон Харвитц сообщил информацию касательно примерных сроков выпуска новых эпизодов:

У нас нет причин не верить словам человека, ответственного за производство сериала. Поэтому будем считать, что дата выхода 4 сезона «Кобра Кай» уже намечена на январь 2022. Правда оказалась даже приятнее: премьера 4 сезона должна состояться 31 декабря 2021.

Интересные факты

  • Головная повязки, которую использовал Дэниел, решив вновь заняться каратэ, таже самая, что была в оригинальном фильме 1984 года. Её Ральф Мачио, исполнявший главную роль в старом фильме, получил после завершения съёмок.
  • Одним из исполнительных продюсеров серии выступил Уилл Смит. Он также был продюсером полнометражного фильма 2010 года, в котором снимался его сын Джейден.
  • Шоу стартовало на платформе YouTube Red/Premium в 2018. Там было показало 2 первых части. Из-за высоких расходов на производство руководство подразделения YouTube Premium прекратило работы над проектом.
  • После этого эстафету подхватил Netflix, на данный момент продлив историю ещё на 2 сезона.
  • После выхода 3 сезон «Кобра Кай» поднялся на 1-ю строчку по просмотрам в 28 странах. И вошёл в десятку ещё в 58.
  • К январю 2021 года сериал посмотрели более 73 млн. подписчиков Netflix.


  • Большинство актёров, исполнявших роли учеников школы «Кобра Кай», имеют опыт в боевых искусствах или являются хорошими танцорами. Также эти персонажи по большей части были названы в честь членов съёмочной группы.
  • Мачио было 56 лет во время премьеры шоу на YouTube Red. Он был на 4 года старше, чем в своё время Пэт Морита (мастер Мияги) во время показа «Малыша-каратиста» (1984).
  • Ему также было 22 года во время съёмок оригинального фильма, где он сыграл роль 17-летнего старшеклассника.
  • В реальной жизни Ральф Мачио и Уильям Забка стали друзьями после завершения съёмок фильма «Малыш-каратист» (1984). Они ещё больше сблизились после того, как в 2005 году ушёл из жизни Нориюки «Пэт» Морита.

Miguel Diaz

In terms of aggression, Miguel Diaz (Xolo Maridueña) could be seen back in fighting form and tapping into his own. After the fateful incident at the end of Cobra Kai season 2, Miguel experienced a rocky road back to full health. Fortunately, by the ending of Cobra Kai season 3, he had found his footing and a renewed confidence — ably defeating bully Kyler (Joe Seo). With a new hairstyle denoting a time jump, Miguel will seemingly have gotten more fighting fit than ever. With Kyler and others likely intending earlier attacks, that’ll no doubt be for the best. Based on the trailer, Miguel’s less offensive side will also get a workout, with him seen training one-on-one with Daniel in the ways of Miyagi-do.

Cobra Kai season 4 plot: What will happen?

It was hard to imagine the Cobra Kai team could come up with a more dramatic grand finale than the school brawl at the end of season two (without going all Matrix on us), but somehow they managed to top it with season three’s ending.

Let’s recap: Sam and Miguel got their friends together to convince them to call a truce between their rival dojos but were ambushed by Cobra Kai thugs at the LaRussos’ house. There we saw Tory go into full Fight Club mode in a confrontation with arch-enemy Sam.


This led to a vicious confrontation between Kreese and Johnny in which Daniel ended up saving Johnny’s life. The three men agreed to wait until the All Valley Championships to settle their differences and made a deal that whoever loses leaves the valley for good, but we soon realised Kreese plans to play dirty.

One of the best things about the show’s ending was that we finally got to see Johnny and Daniel join forces in the biggest reunion since Robbie Williams rejoined Take That. But, it looks like we’re set to find out that it won’t be all plain sailing for the former high school foes in season four.

«Giving them this moment was something we’ve always known was coming, but we are doing it in a way where we’ve also established who these characters are,» said Josh Heald, one of the producers and writers of Cobra Kai, in an interview with TVLine.

«They’re both very strong-minded in their own philosophies, ideals and pasts. There does appear to be a very distinct battle ahead, a very clear boundary and set of circumstances that have brought them to this moment, but time will tell if history repeats itself and they fall back into old habits again.»


The closing moments led to «a complicated feeling» for Johnny according to Zabka (via Collider).

«For one, Daniel pretty much saved him. I think he’s purged at that moment. There’s an emptiness, but he feels empowered with Daniel, and there’s a good feeling of burying the hatchet. But there’s also an intensity, they have a common foe in Kreese now.

«So the feeling of that was a relief, in the sense I have a partner and we have the same goal here. But there’s a lot of work to do, and there’s still a lot of history between us and we’re both different. We want this to work. And here we go. There’s a lot to clean up here with these kids all coming together, and now it’s time to march on into battle. These are two complex characters who are so similar and so different.»

Season three also showed that things are not always as they seem in Cobra Kai, and the writers of the show have left more than their fair share of red herrings, such as rumours that Daniel’s trip to Japan would uncover some dark secrets about Mr Miyagi. Instead, it just confirmed he was the sweet old man of the films who could kick your ass and fix your tap.

It also put an end to speculation that Ali was Tory’s mum. This still leaves a big question mark over how Tory fits into the KKU (Karate Kid Universe), apart from to make Sam’s life a misery.

So far we know her mum is on dialysis, but will we find out more about her backstory? It seems more than likely seeing as the previous seasons have given us the origin stories for all the main characters, most recently Kreese, who we discover was a victim of bullying himself, and whose mother died by suicide when he was still in high school before heading off to Vietnam.


Season four also looks set to focus more on Robby, who has his own issues with both Johnny and Daniel – something which Kreese uses to his own advantage. But will Robby go full Cobra Kai or will his Miyagi-Do roots bring him back from the edge?

«Robby is somebody who has a deep history with Johnny, he now has a deep history with Daniel. In season three, you see him on this rollercoaster journey, figuring out how to deal with the aftermath of what happened with Miguel and figuring out who to trust and who’s truly there for him. You see how season three ends and he’s there with Kreese.

«So in season four, we’ll have to see — does he go full Cobra Kai? Does he embrace the quote-unquote dark side in every way, or do the lessons of his past have an impact as well? So season four certainly has a strong journey for the Robby character,» Hurwitz also told EW.

Expect to see more of Daniel’s dark side as the series progresses, too. Speaking to Digital Spy and other press, Ralph Macchio said:

«The grey areas are a big part of Cobra Kai. In the case of LaRusso, we see he’s lost his way and was out of balance without his mentor and Cobra Kai sent him off his axis and brings out some of the less appealing parts of his character,» Ralph continued. «He recognises that but can’t get over his own way. He has work to do. The balance is coming into play but the stakes are much higher.»

Cobra Kai season 4 cast: will Ali and Aisha return?

(Image credit: Netflix)

Cobra Kai wouldn’t be Cobra Kai without the eternal sparring (verbal or otherwise) between Daniel LaRusso and his long-time rival, Johnny Lawrence. Ralph Macchio and William Zabka are back, baby.

Xolo Mariduena (Miguel), Mary Mouser (Sam), Tanner Buchanan (Robby), Jacob Bertrand (Hawk), Peyton List (Tory), and Martin Kove (Kreese) are all returning. List and Vanessa Rubio (Carmen) have been upgraded to series regulars, while Dallas Dupree Young and Oona O’Brien will be joining the Cobra Kai season 4 cast.

Netflix has also confirmed that Terry Silver actor Thomas Ian Griffith is back for the fourth season. Given how the third season ended, The Karate Kid Part 3 villain is bound to have a major role to play.

Griffith himself has talked about reprising his role, too. «When the guys called about Cobra Kai saying they’re bringing back Terry Silver, at first it was like ‘well, what’s Terry Silver been up to for the last 30 years?’ And then when they mapped out their plan it was like, ‘Oh my god I cannot say no to that, that sounds incredible.’ So, I jumped on it,» he told the podcast. He added: «All I can say is, just wait till season 4. Because they really go for it… you may still hate him, but there’s definitely something you’re going to want to watch with him.» The actor also indicated that this season will be a big one: «It’s an exciting journey, not just for Terry Silver, but overall. It’s an epic season, I’m so proud of it, and I really can’t wait for it to drop.»

Meanwhile, much has been made about Aisha being MIA during the events of the third season. Nichole Brown, who played the character, she wouldn’t be back for the third season. But that might not be the end for the character.

Creator Jon Hurwitz told : “We love that character, and perhaps we’ll see her again one day.”

And what of Ali? Elisabeth Shue returned as Daniel and Johnny’s former flame. The door is very much left wide open for her to stick around, depending on how the creators shape the upcoming story.

Executive producer Hayden Schlossberg exclusively told GamesRadar+: “When we were creating her character, we were thinking about all the different possibilities of where that character could go. You learn that, you know, she’s single, and she has kids of her own. That is now out into the universe, and people can take that and run with it, and maybe we’ll do something with it. Maybe we won’t. And that’s part of the fun of the show.”

Daniel LaRusso

Ralph Macchio’s Daniel LaRusso will, of course, also return. Having lost his way since his 1980’s heyday, and given in to some of his more negative traits, he was viewed by many as arguably more of a villain. Since reconnecting with his roots in Cobra Kai season 3, he officially came to accept that he and Johnny were two sides of the same coin. Alongside the aforementioned fist bump, he could be seen in the Cobra Kai season 4 trailer demonstrating his Kata technique. However, there was a touch more aggression in his eyes as he did so. As well as a likely sign of Johnny and Daniel’s newly-merged dojo styles, it’ll no doubt be a necessary trait in order to deal with Kreese and other incoming threats.

Cobra Kai season 4 trailers

The first full Cobra Kai season 4 trailer previewed Johnny and Daniel’s unexpected alliance. The video also gives us a much better look at villain Terry Silver (Thomas Ian Griffith), who emerges from out of the shadows.

Silver’s return was first confirmed by the first Cobra Kai season 4 teaser trailer. In that clip, Silver goes over his abiding philosophy — extreme situations require extreme measures. «Now the real pain begins,» the teaser warns. 

A second teaser trailer gave us a sneak peek at the epic fight ahead for Johnny, Daniel and their combined dojos. The cast members kick and punch and there’s a brief glimpse of new footage.

Daniel Teaches Miguel Miyagi’s Kata


We see Daniel working one-on-one with Johnny’s student, Miguel Diaz (Xolo Maridueña), performing a kata. One of the primary methods of the late Mr. Miyagi’s teaching style—at least, once you move past waxing cars and painting houses—kata (the Japanese word for “form,”) has the practitioner execute a choreographed set of moves. As the kata acts out an imaginary battle, it also teaches muscle memory, provides mental clarity and even the art of unity when simultaneously performed by an entire class.

Pertinently, Daniel’s kata warm-up—showcased previously on the show—was criticized (after an initial compliment) in The Karate Kid Part III by villain Terry Silver, who makes his heralded return to the franchise this season. Yet, said kata ended up being the psychologically-vexing method with which Daniel dispatched Silver’s paid ringer opponent, Mike Barnes (Sean Kanan), in that film’s tournament. With Kanan long-rumored for a Cobra Kai return, could the kata lesson foreshadow the arrival of Barnes?

Beyond Cobra Kai season 4: is it the final season?

Thankfully, no. Cobra Kai has been renewed for a fifth season by Netflix, meaning we’ve got two full seasons left at the very least. Beyond that, who knows? But, given the show’s success, more seasons and a spinoff or two would surely pack a punch with the Cobra Kai fanbase.

Plus, co-creator Jon Hurwitz recently spoke about plans for the future. «We are very deep into our season five planning,» he wrote in response to a fan . «Several scripts and outlines have been written. And we are definitely writing towards an endgame, which will hopefully be beyond season five.» He added in another Tweet: «We have lots and lots of plans, both inside and outside of the Miyagiverse.» 

In the meantime, make sure to catch up on everything we know about one of Netflix’s other huge shows, The Witcher season 2.


The series has been met with highly positive critical acclaim from both critics and the public at large . On the review aggregation website Rotten Tomatoes, the first season holds a 100% approval rating with an average rating of 7.29 out of 10 based on 22 reviews. The website’s critical consensus reads, «Cobra Kai continues the Karate Kid franchise with a blend of pleasantly corny nostalgia and teen angst, elevated by a cast of well-written characters.» Metacritic, which uses a weighted average, assigned the season a score of 72 out of 100 based on 11 critics, indicating «generally favorable reviews.» Cobra Kai has been praised for combining throwbacks to the original films with fresh, new storylines, combining different generations and time periods as well as dealing with dark and serious themes.

Co-creator Jon Hurwitz has frequently mentioned the progress being made on Cobra Kai Season 4.

One of the best things about Cobra Kai is that creators Hurwitz, Schlossberg, and Josh Heald are all incredibly active, transparent, and conversational with fans on Twitter. That means when they know something, chances are, we’ll know something too. It also means sometimes we won’t have as much clarity as we want, but hey, what are you going to do.

In the case of Cobra Kai’s Season 4, we don’t know a whole lot. Hurwitz did share in late October that the Season 4 writing process was all wrapped up, though. «Final day of the Season 4 writers room,» he wrote. «14 weeks with some of my favorite people in the world. Scripts are rolling in. Excited we’ll have everything written and polished by the time we start filming. It’s going to be another kick ass season!»

View full post on X

He’s also said that the season is «outlined in great detail».


Действие сериала происходит через 30 лет после событий Турнира по карате All Valley 1984 года, где ныне успешный Даниэль ЛаРуссо изо всех сил пытается сохранить баланс своей жизни без руководства мистера Мияг. Он должен встретиться со своим предыдущим противником Джонни Лоуренсом, который ищет искупления, вновь открывая печально известное додзё карате «Кобра Кай».

Согласно официальному синопсису Netflix, 3-й сезон «находит всех потрясенными последствиями жестокой школьной драки между их додзё, из-за которой Мигель оказался в тяжелом состоянии. В то время как Дэниел ищет ответы в своем прошлом, а Джонни ищет искупления, Крис продолжает манипулировать своими учениками через доминирование. На карту поставлена ​​душа Долины, а судьба каждого ученика и сенсея висит на волоске».

Robby Keene

Johnny’s misguided son, Robby Keene was also seen back (this time in black). The look (and increased intensity) denoted his embracing the dark side, with Robby having been firmly brainwashed by Kreese. Having previously lost the All-Valley Tournament due to fighting honorably against Miguel’s dirty tactics, the roles will be firmly switched in Cobra Kai season 4. Already haunted by that defeat, and nursing the bitterness over Johnny and Miguel’s bond, he was already set to go all out to win. With John Kreese whispering in his ear, however, Robby will no doubt be an extremely vicious threat in the coming episodes. In turn, those actions will likely result in even regrets weighing him down.

What will Cobra Kai Season 4 be about?

The promo clip for Season 4 makes one thing abundantly clear: this season is going to be all about the All Valley Karate Tournament. That’s the big one. Winner take all. Loser go home. It’s big. And all of our heroes are finally on the same side—and going up against Kreese.

Season 4 was set up pretty nicely by the end of Season 3, which once again features an absolutely epic karate fight sequence—this time taking place both inside the LaRusso home and the Cobra Kai dojo. The fight in the LaRusso house centered on the Cobra Kai kids, as Samantha, Demetri, and the Miyagi-Do kids teamed up with Miguel and the Eagle Fang kids to take on Hawk, Kyler, Tory, and Kreese’s Cobra Kai kids. Our heroes mostly are victorious here, and Hawk has a realization that he’s on the wrong side; he helps Demetri and they get an over-aggressive Tory to go home.

Meanwhile, Johnny shows up to the Cobra Kai dojo to find Kreese training Robby. They fight a bit, and a very Palpatine/Anakin sort of sequence ends with Kreese nearly killing Johnny (????) until Daniel shows up and saves the day. Eventually, Johnny, Daniel, and Kreese stop, coming to an agreement: this dispute will be settled by the All Valley tournament. If Cobra Kai loses, Kreese will leave for good. As the season concludes, we finally see a mutual show of respect as Daniel and Johnny begin to train their students together in Daniel’s Miyagi-Do backyard

Hurwitz also revealed that Mattea Green, a former showrunner’s assistant on the show, has been promoted to writer for Season 4, and that she was responsible for Johnny’s all-caps Facebook message to Ali that he eventually deleted (instead opting for «Not much, u?»). Could this mean we get more classic Johnny Lawrence being bad at the internet humor (Zabka himself told MH how much fun he has doing those sort of jokes in a recent interview). We certainly hope so.

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Tough Love at the Cobra Kai Dojo


Robby’s consequential climactic Season 3 choice to side with Kreese—even against his own father—in the hyped Tournament Challenge has set up a scrambled series dynamic. However, it will also further facilitate his romantic chemistry with fellow Cobra Kai devotee Tory Nichols (Peyton List), whose unmitigated anger was explained by a rough situation at home in which the high-schooler has been forced to become her family’s primary breadwinner. Indeed, the sexual tension is rife in the training session shown in this image, in which Tory has mounted Robby, ready to rain down punches.

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